WOW!  Zero to 2 MILLION views in only 20 weeks! What a tremendous response to our new Hack to Jack Golf Reality Show & Skills Challenge concept! Thank you everyone for supporting this initiative…we are having an absolute blast with it.

Here’s what happened in just the first 12 weeks (January 21, 2014 thru April 21, 2014) after launching the program:

1 – 400+ People applied online to be on the show within one week (and in the middle of winter in Minnesota!).


2 – website setup to serve as the portal for show applications, contestant profile pages and for fans to view and interact. View at


3 – Hack to Jack Facebook page grew from zero to over 2,000 Likes and received 900,000+ impressions the first 12 weeks. One early post received 93 comments & 9,200 reach with a high of 25,000 reach and 100+ comments. View at


4 – Over 100 videos uploaded to Hack to Jack YouTube Channel which received 7,000+ views in first 12 weeks. View at


5 – Online voting for applicants drew 16,362 online votes for the 92 entries! >>Click here to view votes and activity.


6 – Twitter: @HackToJack established and immediately hyperactive. View at

Twitter2014Apri21JPG TwitterTweets1st2WeeksJPG TwitterWhyINeedJPG

7 – Pre-Show Party and Demo Day: 200+ RSVP’s, 300+ day of attendees, 103 Requested Club Fittings, & 1 heck of a golf party. Conducted 62 fittings and 70 SLDR driver challenges (3 swings with their driver, 3 swings with the SLDR) the day of the event and sold over $25,000 in new club sales from that one event.

Pre-show-Party-Demo-1st-One-JPG770 ScreengrabDemoDay2014Feb8 TaylorMadeDemoGained40YardsJPG


And a follow up golf Demo Day and Ping Pong Tournament…

8 – The Hack to Jack concept skyrockets to #1 out of more than 1,200 ideas on TaylorMade’s “Crowdsourcing” initiative HackGolf ( >>Click here to view


9 – Zero to 2,000+ followers on Hack to Jack Instagram page. View at



10 – Already selling out weekly Hack to Jack events including 2-Person Team golf events, group golf clinics and Ball Fitting sessions.

BallFitting2014MarchJPG SoldOutHTJeventJPG

11 – Interviewed on a popular sports talk radio show 105FM The Ticket. Watch below:

12 – Our 2-Hour Round trial with contestants was featured on website & Facebook page at and was one of the most active posts of the year to date for GOLF Magazine.


13 – Show contestants are sharing their Hack to Jack story on their own social media platforms.



14 – Hack to Jack Episode 1 Press Release



15 – And coming soon… a Hack to Jack digital and print magazine