We need your help! We’ve submitted our “Hack to Jack” golf reality show idea to TaylorMade Golf who is looking for “outside the box” and creative initiatives that grow the game via their new “Hack Golf” initiative.


Step 1 – To read our post and summary of this concept, please CLICK HERE or go to


Step 2 – On the above webpage, click on the box in the upper right with the number of likes in it to LIKE it then scroll to the bottom of all the comments to add your thoughts on the Hack to Jack concept in the Comment box. Note you do not have to create an account to LIKE but do need to JOIN (setup an account with HackGolf) to be able to comment on the blog post.


If we get enough likes and positive comments on our post and show that golfers love this idea we could take this whole concept to the next level!

If we get the most likes of all the HackGolf ideas, TCG will throw a big party and host several free golf days for everyone in appreciation so like, share, comment and get your golfing buddies to do the same.

Let’s do this…and change the game…it’s already been a BLAST and this could take things to a whole new level where I promise YOU the golfer will be happy, happy, happy.


As always, we sincerely appreciate all your support and hope that you are having as much fun as we with this great game.


Kevin Unterreiner
Creator & Producer, Hack to Jack