Hack to Jack is about much more than a fun & entertaining golf reality show that helps a few lucky individuals improve their games and become movie stars.

We’re creating FUN golf events for new & golfers of all skill levels plus programs that can benefit ALL golfers, teaching professionals, golf courses, golf-related businesses and maybe even help grow the game.

We know that’s a steep goal but one thing we know for sure is that other sports have grown only when they’ve reinvented themselves, transitioned with the times, appealed to ALL age groups and made it fun and cool for people of all ages to participate.

Contact us to learn more about how our Hack to Jack programs benefit:

> Golfersclick here to apply to be on an upcoming season
> Sponsorsclick here to view sponsorship opportunities for Season 2 (2015)
> Teaching Professionals
> Golf Courses
> Schools
> Chiropractors
> Fitness Centers
> Personal Trainers
> Golf Stores
> Golf Equipment Manufacturers